When you think crêpes, you might envision crêpes Suzette, the dramatic dish flambéed with brandy and Grand Marnier, or warm brown-butter crêpes with nutella and jam. But before you get to dessert, you can also enjoy the deliciously delicate pancakes as a main course.
Coconut-Rice Crêpes Filled with Pork
Credit: © Kana Okada

From earthy mushroom-and-cheese-filled buckwheat crêpes to Vietnamese-inspired pancakes, here are seven savory crêpes to make for dinner.

Whatever mixture of herbs you have on hand will work for this amazing Dr. Seuss–inspired recipe.


Star chef Charles Phan's take on banh xeo (a.k.a. "happy pancakes") are thin and crispy.

Crispy Vietnamese Crêpes with Shrimp, Pork and Bean Sprouts
Credit: © Quentin Bacon

These omelet-like crêpes are made with tarragon, chervil and chives.

Mixed wild mushrooms give these hearty vegetarian crêpes terrific umami flavor.

Buckwheat Crêpes with Wild Mushrooms and Gruyère
Credit: © Phoebe Lapine

These fantastic Cambodian crêpes feature a vibrant carrot-chile sauce.

Coconut-Rice Crêpes Filled with Pork
Credit: © Kana Okada

Turmeric adds bright flavor to these tasty crêpes.

These savory crêpes feature melted brie cheese topped with warm roasted cherry tomatoes and frisée.

Brie Crêpe Melts with Roasted Tomatoes and Herb-Buttermilk Sauce
Credit: © Sarah Bolla