We found the best recipes for sandwich fanatics.

By F&W Editors
Updated June 12, 2017

Many sandwiches are classics, but some are so brilliant that we think of them as iconic flavor profiles. Consider the Reuben’s complex mix of salty meat and tangy-sweet Thousand Island dressing, or the BEC’s sublime pairing of gooey cheese with fluffy eggs. Inspired by those amazing sandwiches and others, we came up with a few recipes that take your favorite sandwiches and transform them into dining table-worthy dishes.

1. Creamy Reuben Chowder with Rye Croutons
This tangy chowder is like a Reuben sandwich on a spoon, with smoky sausage, sauerkraut and rye croutons.

2. Nook and Cranny-Breakfast Sandwich Bread Pudding
All of the classic breakfast sandwich ingredients go into this savory bread pudding: bacon, egg and cheese.


This hearty bread pudding combines all the classic breakfast sandwich ingredients—bacon, egg and cheese.


3. BLT Bread Salad
To make this Italian-style salad, toss cubes of bread with just a little B (bacon) and lots of healthy L (soft butter lettuce) and T (small yellow and red tomatoes).

4. PB&J Canapés
Though this play on the classic sandwich features neither peanut butter nor jelly, it tastes just like the familiar combination.

5. Sloppy Joe Dip
This hearty dip is an homage to the all-American classic, served with tortilla chips in place of the usual bun.

6. Monte Cristo Strata
In this rich and hearty dish, bread, ham and cheese are baked in an eggy custard; grainy mustard and tarragon add a lovely, vibrant flavor.

7. Muffuletta Calzone
This simple, smart recipe uses the ingredients in a classic muffuletta sandwich (salami, ham, provolone, roasted peppers and olives) in a calzone baked until warm and melty.