Adding lobster makes almost any dish so much better.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 23, 2017
Lobster BLT
This delectable sandwich is filled with crunchy bacon, sweet chunks of lobster (replacing the usual lettuce) and herb-spiked mayonnaise.
| Credit: © Marcus Nilsson

Steamed. Roasted. In a roll. Those are all great ways to eat lobster. But everyone’s favorite summer crustacean is way more versatile than that. Adding lobster makes almost any dish so much better. Here, seven dishes that are improved with some lobster. And they’re easy to make, with the help of this great video on how to expertly break down lobster.

1. Cabbage Rolls
These elegant rolls are filled with fresh lobster and shrimp.

2. Pierogi
Rustic Polish pierogi get a luxe upgrade from tender lobster.

3. Pad Thai
Chef Jerry Clare learned to make pad Thai in Thailand. Once he returned to New England, he adapted the dish by adding local lobster.

4. Caesar Salad
Forget grilled chicken, lobster is the best way to take this creamy salad from an appetizer to a main course.

5. BLT
Sweet chunks of lobster replace the traditional lettuce in this over-the-top version of the classic sandwich.

6. Quiche
These easy hors d’oeuvres are served as small bites on pita chips.

7. Mac and Cheese
Leave it to Thomas Keller to make macaroni and cheese even better with both lobster meat and lobster broth.