Start Presidents' Day off right with a filling breakfast that will keep you going as you peruse the racks.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 24, 2017

From luscious scrambled eggs to protein-packed pancakes, here are seven breakfasts that will keep you satisfied for a long day of shopping.

1. Steel-Cut Oatmeal with Soy Milk

Steel-cut oatmeal, which has an appealing chewy texture, makes a hearty, quick breakfast.

2. Scrambled Eggs with Herbed Croutons

Herbed croutons stirred right into soft, creamy scrambled eggs eliminates the need for a side of toast.

3. Sweet Breakfast Quinoa


"This breakfast will make your day so productive," says Jill Donenfeld of her delicious maple-syrup sweetened quinoa.

4. Cinnamon Polenta Pancakes

Using polenta (cornmeal) in addition to white flour makes gives these pancakes extra fiber and protein.

5. Crêpes with Sweet Yogurt and Raspberry-Apricot Sauce

These crêpes are like free-form blintzes, with thick and creamy Greek-style yogurt standing in for the cheese filling and a quick topping made with preserves and frozen raspberries.

6. Breakfast Burrito

These fast, healthy burritos are filled with scrambled eggs, feta, turkey bacon and spinach.

Chef Spike Mendelsohn's healthy breakfast burrito features scrambled eggs lightened with egg whites, feta, turkey bacon and spinach.

7. Zucchini-Flax Bread

Flax seed meal and whole flax seeds give this quick bread added nutrients.