Bright, funky and fermented.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 24, 2017

A study suggests that a bacteria found in kimchi could increase metabolic activity and help digestion in general. Here, 6 ways to make the bright and funky fermented pickle at home.

1. Traditional Napa Cabbage Kimchi

Finally, now’s the perfect time to start that fermentation project that’s been on your mind, so give this kimchi a whirl. You’ll end up putting it on everything.
| Credit: Michael Turek

This classic recipe includes napa cabbage, ginger and garlic.

2. Sparkling White Kimchi

F&W Chef-in-Residence David Chang uses 7-UP in this fast recipe. It adds lovely bubbliness to the cabbage.

3. Turnip Kimchi

Credit: Photo © John Kernick

Most kimchi uses lots of red chile flakes and are bold and spicy. This is a white kimchi, which means it’s made without the red chile.

4. Quick Cucumber Kimchi

Traditional kimchi usually involves days of fermenting, but these cucumbers are marinated for just a couple of hours so they’re still crisp.

5. Spicy Cabbage, Carrot and Daikon Kimchi

Credit: © Antonis Achilleos

Add this kimchi to stir-fries, top burgers with it or just eat it straight from the jar.

6. Fresh Cabbage Kimchi

Garlicky, spicy and delicious, this quick kimchi combines crunchy bok choy and tender Napa cabbage for an interesting mix of textures.