Your microwave is more than just a leftover-warmer-upper.

Your microwave is more than just a leftover-warmer-upper. Used properly, it becomes a superuseful cooking tool that’s especially great for making delicious snacks, like Richard Blais’s crazy-easy cheese crisps (find out how to make them in this episode of Mad Genius Tips). Here are five more speedy, microwavable snack recipes.

1. Microwaved Chile-Lime-Ginger Beef Jerky
Making jerky at home is easy. You’ll only need a microwave bacon rack or two microwave-safe, silicone ice cube trays.

2. Vegetable Chip Medley
These crisp, delectable chips, which have more vegetable flavor and a lot less oil than commercial versions, cook quickly in the microwave.

3. B.O.A.T. Sandwiches
Cooking bacon in the microwave takes just five minutes, which makes quick and clean work of these bacon, olive paste, arugula and tomato sandwiches.

4. Cheese-Topped Guacamole
Use a microwave to melt cheese over a bowl of guacamole for a delicious, deconstructed take on nachos.

5. Edamame with Smoky Salt
Hot edamame are delicious tossed with a mix of smoky Lapsang souchong tea and salt.