Shake up your campfire dessert routine with one of these.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 23, 2017
Yes, desserts deserve grill time too, and Stephanie Izard’s crumbly skillet cake is the perfect one.
| Credit: © John Kernick

The classic campfire dessert is, of course, graham cracker s’mores. But in this week’s episode of Mad Genius Tips, F&W’s Justin Chapple reveals how to make something that might just trump the marshmallow stalwart: stuffed banana s’mores. Shake up your campfire dessert routine with that gooey treat or one of these:

1. Campire Biscuit S’mores
Another twist on s’mores: Replace the graham crackers with chocolate-studded biscuits.

2. Nectarine-Gingersnap Hobo Packs
Cooked over a fire in foil packets, these supersweet nectarines are topped with streusel-esque crumbled gingersnaps.

3. Fire-Roasted Berry Crostini with Honey Crème Fraîche
Grilling berries enhances their sweetness exponentially.

4. Skillet Graham Cake with Peaches and Blueberries
Chicago chef Stephanie Izard’s skillet cake, baked on a grill, gets amazing flavor from graham crackers mixed into the batter and in the crumbly topping.

5. Cast-Iron Skillet Apple Crisp
This rustic apple dessert—a mixture of sweet and tart apples and buttery breadcrumbs—slow-cooks over hot coals.