A baked potato is good, but a stuffed potato is so much better.

By F&W Editors
Updated June 01, 2017

Stuffed potatoes are fluffier, they're usually cheesier, and they're more flavorful because they utilize mix-ins rather than just toppings. These 10 recipes for hearty stuffed potatoes make for great side dishes, but just add a salad and you've got dinner.

1. Poutine-Style Twice-Baked Potatoes
These just might be the world's best and most indulgent baked potatoes. First they're stuffed with sour cream and Parmigiano-Reggiano, then they're topped with tangy gravy, melted mozzarella, bits of crisp bacon and, finally, fried potato skins.

2. Salt-Baked Potatoes Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Hazelnuts
Tangy soft goat cheese mixed with chives, thyme and crunchy toasted hazelnuts makes for an incredible filling.

3. Tuna-Stuffed Potatoes
This satisfying potato dish transforms ingredients already available in most home kitchens into a simple and comforting meal.

4. Stuffed Tandoori Potatoes
These Indian-spiced potatoes are stuffed with cheesy mashed potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes and cashew.

5. Mushroom-and-Fontina-Stuffed Potatoes
To dress up baked potatoes, F&W's Kay Chun tops them with buttery mushrooms and melty cheese.

6. Cheddar-Stuffed Potatoes
These overstuffed potatoes prompted a debate in the F&W Test Kitchen: Should they be eaten as a main course (they're certainly big enough) or as a side dish (juicy steak comes to mind)? The decision: Either.

7. Overstuffed Twice-Baked Potatoes
Chef Emeril Lagasse calls these potatoes overstuffed because he adds an extra baked potato to the stuffing mixture.

8. Two-Potato Stuffed Potatoes with Celery Root
In this fun recipe, standard baking potatoes are stuffed with creamy celery root and pureed sweet potato.

9. Shrimp-Stuffed Triple-Baked Potatoes
The topping for these potatoes is as ingenious as it is simple: Shrimp are simmered in garlic-infused crème fraîche to flavor them; then the creme fraiche is reduced to make a silky sauce.

10. Baked Potatoes with Wild Mushroom Ragù
We use a mix of shiitake, oyster, chanterelle and button mushrooms in this succulent ragù but any combination will work.