Start your New Year with delicious eggs.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 24, 2017
Credit: © TINA RUPP

It’s New Year’s Day and you need breakfast, or brunch, or whatever meal is appropriate when you finally wake up. In any case, you need eggs. But not just any eggs will do. This is, after all, the first meal of the New Year. Here, 10 fun, festive but not-too-difficult egg recipes to make this New Year’s Day.

1. Soft-Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Sablefish and Trout Roe

Andrew Carmellini's luxurious, creamy eggs are heavenly on their own, but serving them with smoky sable, briny roe and rich sour cream puts them over the top.

2. Bacon Fried Rice with Avocado and Fried Eggs

This delicious breakfast plate is the savory morning meal you need as the snow is flowing.
| Credit: © Con Poulos

This delicious breakfast plate is the savory morning meal you need as the snow is flowing.

© Con Poulos © Con Poulos

This Hawaiian-inspired dish is an amazing mashup of flavors and textures.

3. Egg Tortilla with Cumin Sour Cream

This delicious dish is like a scrambled-egg quesadilla.

4. Chicken Hash with Eggs

Credit: © Con Poulos

Using leftover chicken in a hash with green pepper, onion and jalapeños makes a hearty, spicy breakfast.

5. Fried Eggs with Mustard Seed Oil and Kale

It’s so easy to make kale into a breakfast food. Mustard seeds bring out a delicious flavor in eggs, which get topped with a variety of unexpected ingredients, including sunflower seeds, baby kale, cumin, yogurt and avocado.
| Credit: Line Klein

Mustard seeds are surprisingly great with eggs, as are sunflower seeds, baby kale, cumin, yogurt and avocado.

6. Tortilla Soup with Egg

Credit: © Molly Yeh

Tortilla soup takes a cue from egg drop soup to give you a huevo taco in soup form.

7. Scallion Scrambled Eggs with Potato Chips

Credit: © Christina Holmes

F&W chef-in-residence Hugh Acheson likes to pair scrambled eggs with kettle-cooked potato chips.


Hugh Acheson trades his side of hash browns for kettle-cooked potato chips.

8. Shakshuka with Swiss Chard

Cooks throughout the Middle East poach eggs in tomato sauce. Here, chef Michael Anthony introduces Italian flavors to the classic, like basil and Parmesan.

9. Poached Eggs with Parmesan and Smoked Salmon Toasts

Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s luxe take on a simple breakfast is elegant enough to serve at a dinner party but satisfying enough to eat for brunch.

10. Open-Face Egg and Griddled Ham Breakfast Sandwiches

Credit: © Nicole Franzen

These cute and tasty breakfast sliders are easy to make for a crowd. Find out how in this episode of F&W’s Mad Genius Tips.