Seth Siegel-Gardner

Restaurant: The Pass & Provisions (Read a review)

Location: Houston

Why He and His Co-Chef Terrence Gallivan Are Amazing: Because they're turning out tasty, thoughtful American food in two restaurants (one rustic, one refined) under a single roof.

Culinary School: Self-taught

background: Maze, Alto, Aquavit (/sites/default/files/ew York City); C-House (Chicago); Kata Robata (Houston)

Quintessential Dish: Pizza with guanciale, uni, roasted garlic and arugula at Provisions

On Just August, Their One-Month Pop-Up: "It was a chance for us to get to cook whatever the hell we wanted to cook for once in our lives. No owners, no trends, just three cooks (Siegel-Gardner, Gallivan and Oxheart chef Justin Yu)."

Two Restaurants, One Space: Provisions is the more casual of the two, focusing on pasta and wood-fired pizza, while the 36-seat Pass offers a tasting menu and just one seating per night.

How They Describe the Pass & Provisions: "It's a place we'd want to go ourselves all the time."