Phillip Tang

Restaurant: East by Northeast (Read a review)

Location: Cambridge, MA

Why He's Amazing: Because he's applying the locavore ethos to his inspired Chinese cooking.

Culinary School: L'Academie de Cuisine (Gaithersburg, MD)

background: Cashion's Eat Place (/sites/default/files/ashington, DC); Lumière (Newton, MA); Rialto, T.W. Food, Hungry Mother (Cambridge)

Quintessential Dish: Homemade thick-cut noodles with pork ragout, Napa cabbage, celery root, marinated sunchokes and chile vinegar

Culinary Family: "My granduncle had a restaurant in Taiwan, and my grandfather had a restaurant in Ithaca, New York—he was a great chef in his own right. Many of the recipes at East by Northeast are family recipes with my own spin on them."

Greatest Influence: His family's northern Chinese restaurant, A&J, in Annandale, Virginia. "This is the food that shaped my culinary career and is my strongest inspiration. Noodles, dumplings and refreshing small plates are the food I love to eat and cook."

Pork Obsession: "Pork is our main protein in China, except for western China, where they have a lot of dishes with lamb. I love the technical part of butchering, dealing with a whole animal, the full circle, and figuring out how to use every part. [Recently,] I used my pig's ears in a salad—a pig's ear terrine. Not super popular, but the people who loved it loved it a lot."