Oliver Altherr

Background Born in Backnang, Germany. Cooked for the German Minister of Defense; Michel Guérard, Eug énie-les-Bains, France; Plume at The Regent, Hong Kong.

How he got into cooking "My grandfather, who had a butcher shop and a restaurant, made me want to be a chef."

First food memory "My mother's lentils with spaetzle, which I had for the first time when I was five."

Menu bomb Tongue ravioli.

Ingredient pick Organic greens from Oahu. "They cut them in the morning and I have them by lunch."

Favorite place to eat Lowen, in Backnang. "I go for the sausage salad; it's a German thing, I guess."

Most tired trend s Small portions and piling food too high on the plate.

Secret of his success Simplicity.

What he'd do if he weren't a chef "Try to make it as a tennis player."

Favorite 1 A.M. meal Poke, a Hawaiian marinated raw tuna dish.

Food vice Blue cheese.

Recipe tips When you want to serve something hot from the oven and baking time is short (as it is for this naan), be sure to have the other components of the dish assembled in advance. Undercook the food slightly if you know you'll have to reheat it.

Won Best New Chef at: Hoku's, Honolulu