Nemo Bolin

Restaurant: Cook & Brown Public House (Read a review)

Location: Providence

Why He's Amazing: Because he brings an earthy New England sensibility to the European gastropub concept.

Culinary School: The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts (Cambridge, MA)

background: Rubicon (/sites/default/files/an Francisco), Craigie Street Bistrot (Cambridge), No. 9 Park (Boston)

Quintessential Dish: Narragansett Creamery ricotta gnocchi with Swiss chard and walnuts

Cocktail Highlight: The Sun Also Sets (tequila, Maraschino, cinnamon, cider, bitters and lime)

What Inspired Him to be a Chef: Growing up on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, where his family had a backyard garden and fished for their own seafood. "Also, Julia Child and the Great Chefs [TV] series. Those were fantastic, old-school cooking shows that showed professional cooking, not just home-cooked meals."

Why He Wanted to Open a Restaurant: "I live to hear that unmistakable sigh when someone takes the first bite of their meal and just melts into the chair."

Guilty Pleasure: "I definitely rock bags of gummy bears when I have a sweet tooth. Reminds me of the penny-candy store that was down the block from my house as a kid."