Kevin Sousa

Restaurant: Salt of the Earth (Read a review)

Location: Pittsburgh

Why He's Amazing: Because his unexpected flavor combinations—for example, pairing pork terrine with pistachio, cranberry and jalapeño—yield dishes that consistently surprise and delight.

Culinary School: The Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts (Pittsburgh)

background: Bigelow Grille (/sites/default/files/ittsburgh)

Quintessential Dish: Rabbit chops, heart, kidney and dashi-cured belly with salted pear and roasted beet

Hog, Two Ways: The restaurant's space was once a Harley-Davidson showroom; now it serves dishes like pork loin with farro and pears.

Current Obsession: The Superior Motors restaurant project: Reviving an abandoned car dealership in Braddock, Pennsylvania, a former industrial town, with crowdsourced funds, and turning it into a community restaurant offering culinary training and jobs.

How He Fills His Free Time: "When not at work, I'm outside with my family and dogs or riding my bicycle or sitting on a cushion staring at a wall." (Sousa has a regular meditation practice.)