Katie Rose

Best New Mixologist

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Where She Won
Goodkind; Milwaukee, WI

Where was your first real bartending job?
My first ever bartending job was at a corner bar right up the street here in Milwaukee, named Burnhearts. At the time, it was a typical Milwaukee tavern: shots and cheap beers, simple mixed drinks. I was terrified—I was just a regular there and the owners convinced me to give bartending a try. Despite all of my fears, I fell completely in love with it.   

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure drink?
One too many shots of rye whiskey at the end of the night makes me feel very guilty the next morning, if that counts. 

What’s your favorite food and cocktail pairing?
I could list a million things. Dry gin and arugula, braised pork cheeks with a bonded rye whiskey, scotch and blueberries—the list goes on. This is something I could talk for hours about.  

What are some things every home bartender should have?
A jigger. Always have some citrus lying around with a hand juicer. Shaking tins. Ice. A bar spoon. The tools are really what I think are necessary. I'll drink out of a coffee cup; I don't care.

What’s the coolest cocktail name you've ever come up with, and how did you arrive at it?
This one is debatable. I hate naming drinks. I usually just pick a weird inside joke, or something about a boy I have a crush on at the time. It's always the last thing I do, and it's usually a frantic stress thing while I'm trying to print new cocktail menus.