Kate Krader

Title: Restaurant Editor

Started at Food & Wine: 1992 (interrupted by a brief detour at a dot.com)

Born and Raised: New York City

Education: Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio; La Varenne cooking school, Villecien, France.

Cooking Experience: I don't like to talk about it, but I worked garde-manger and pastry at the now-defunct La Metairie in Manhattan for six months. It was kind of a disaster.

What I Do at Food & Wine: I'm Restaurant Editor. My job includes finding new chef talent and spotting trends in the food and restaurant world.

Job Benefit/Hazard #1: I eat out a minimum of five nights a week.

Job Benefit/Hazard #2: I always have to pick the restaurant. And make the reservations.

Current Obsession: Tweeting/name dropping every conceivable celebrity with a food connection I can find.

Pet Peeve: I'm very picky about brownies; I think I make the best ones.

Chef Hero: Old-school La Varenne cooking instructor Fernand Chambrette.

Favorite Pastime: Casting a hypothetical HBO series about the chef world with an all-star cast. The only person who would get to play himself is Anthony Bourdain.