Johnny Anderes

Restaurant: Telegraph (Read a review)

Location: Chicago

Why He's Amazing: Because as the seasons change, the dishes he creates with each day's produce are rarely what you'd expect. For example, springtime: sweetbreads with bucatini and rhubarb agrodolce.

Culinary School: Coursework at the Art Institutes International Minnesota (Minneapolis)

background: Avec (/sites/default/files/hicago), Ciola's (Austin)

Quintessential Dish: Grilled baby cucumbers with pickled onions, red currants and Pleasant Ridge Reserve cheese

Greatest Influence: His grandparents. "My grandfather was a pilot and introduced me to international food, from France, in particular. I've always loved food and have been open to trying new things since I was a child."

Offal Memories: "One of my first food memories is from when I was about six. My grandfather used to make lamb kidneys [with] mustard over a wood fire and they were amazing."

On Culinary Schools: "It depends on your personality. If you need structure, I think they're probably great. But they don't really prepare you for the real, wild world of working in kitchens. Personally, I've learned more working alongside chefs in restaurants than I ever did in culinary school. I'm a big believer in staging and apprenticeships, rather than school."