Jessica Koslow

Restaurant: Sqirl (Read a review)

Location: Los Angeles

Why She's Amazing: Because her sought-after jams and pickles—made with rare heirloom varieties—have transformed the way we think about preserves. And she now features them in dishes—savory and sweet—at her terrific East Hollywood café.

Culinary School: Self-taught

background: Abattoir, Bacchanalia, Star Provisions (/sites/default/files/tlanta)

Quintessential Dish: Kokuho Rose brown rice with sorrel pesto, preserved Meyer lemon, black radish, sheep milk feta and a poached egg

Previous Studies: Koslow has an MA in communications, culture and technology from Georgetown University.

Former Career: Television producer. She worked on American Idol on Fox.

Childhood Treat: "When I was 10, Fridays in the summer were just the best. An ice cream truck circled the neighborhood, and Friday was the one day I was allowed to order a treat. The Creamsicle was the go-to, and it still is. The Blood Orange and Vanilla Bean Marmalade is the Sqirl version of that childhood memory."

DIY Champion: Koslow teaches monthly canning classes at the café, and hopes to create a community center dedicated to the craft of preservation. For now, find information about her classes at