Fredrik Berselius

Restaurant: Aska (Read a review)

Location: Brooklyn

Why He's Amazing: Because he draws intense flavors out of simple, often foraged ingredients—like scallops: roasted, pureed and dried into transparent chips that taste sweetly of the ocean—at his modern Scandinavian restaurant.

Culinary School: Self-taught

background: Frej (/sites/default/files/rooklyn), Seäsonal (New York City)

Quintessential Dish: Beef, cured and aged for 120 days, with potato, juniper and butter whey

Born: Sollentuna, Sweden, a suburb of Stockholm

Cooking on Nature's Schedule: "There aren't just four seasons," says Berselius. "There are 52 seasons. Every week, things change. Every day, things change, actually. So you could say there are 365 seasons. That's the way I approach it."

On His Menu's Already Infamous Dried Pig's Blood Cracker: "I really love it, because I grew up eating blood in various forms. They serve blood pudding at school lunches in Sweden—it's something that I remember."