Frederick Perez

Restaurant: Del Mar al Lago (Read a review)

Location: Salt Lake City

Why He's Amazing: Because he's serving up incredible ceviche and his takes on other classic Peruvian dishes in landlocked Utah.

Culinary School: Le Cordon Bleu (Las Vegas)

background: J&G Grill (/sites/default/files/ark City, UT); Trader Vic's (Las Vegas)

Quintessential Dish: Ceviche tasting: Cebiche Clásico, with sweet potato and Peruvian corn; Cebiche Chifa, with wonton strips, roasted peanuts and corn nuts; and Cebiche en Ají Amarillo

Why a cebicheria: While Perez was growing up in Las Vegas, his stepfather had a Peruvian restaurant. "I followed in his footsteps."

On Peru's National Dish: "Cebiche is a very simple thing to do; it's all about the fresh ingredients. We try to stick to the Peruvian preparation, but we do infuse flavors from other cultures that immigrated to Peru: Chinese, Japanese, African, Spanish." For example, the beef in his Chinese-influenced lomo saltado is marinated in soy sauce, vinegar and Peruvian spices, and served with steamed rice.

Beverage Program: In addition to wine, beer and pisco sours, Perez serves the nonalcoholic chicha morada, a sweet purple corn drink flavored with pineapple, cinnamon and clove.