Erin Laverty

Assistant Research Editor

Erin Laverty

Title: Assistant Research Editor

At Food & Wine since: Started as an intern in 2008, then freelanced; on staff since June 2010.

Born and raised: Yreka, CA

Education: UC Santa Barbara; SF State; NYU Masters in Food Studies; WSET Intermediate and Advanced Certificates in wine.

What I do at Food & Wine: I research and fact-check copy, both for print and online.

How I landed in food writing: I was living in San Francisco, working at an art school. Food writing was a dream of mine, but I kept telling myself I had a "real" job. After realizing that I spent most of my time thinking, talking and reading about food, in 2006 I finally decided to go for it. I quit my job, moved to NYC, went back to school, and here I am!

How I fell for food: I think it all started when I was about two or three. My mom used to have my brother and me sit on the kitchen floor while she was cooking. She let us play with the pots and pans. I loved going out to eat from about the same age (and still do): Our parents let us pick a restaurant for our birthday, and when I was four, I chose a Chinese restaurant an hour away from home.

Coolest Food & Wine moment so far: Talking to this year's Best New Chefs (all very cool people) to fact-check their bios, knowing that I was one of only a few people who knew who they were before the big party.