Deborah Knight

Why Because her internationally diverse menu reflects a light, sophisticated touch and a passion for distinctive flavors.

Born Culver City, CA, 1969.

Education California Culinary Academy, San Francisco.

Experience Miraval Life in Balance spa, Tucson, AZ.

How she describes her food "Eclectic, very adventurous. It's like playtime in the kitchen."

Bedside reading You Eat What You Are by Thelma Barer-Stein, "An anthropological study of how the way people eat has changed through time."

Favorite kitchen tool The mini Cuisinart. "We call ours the Mini-Me."

About her recipe Knight likes this tabbouleh salad with artichokes and spinach since it showcases one of her favorite ingredients—bulgur. "It's versatile, sturdy and so hard to ruin by overcooking."

Won Best New Chef at: Mosaic, Scottsdale, AZ