Caleb Shriver

Restaurant: Dutch & Co. (Read a review)

Location: Richmond, VA

Why He's Amazing: Because he and his co-chef Phillip Perrow are enlivening Richmond's food scene with unexpected ingredient combinations like spiced pork rillettes with honey-roasted nuts, pig's skin corn bread and pickled squash.

Culinary School: Apprenticeship program at the Coach House (Oklahoma City)

background: Aziza's (/sites/default/files/ichmond), SugarToad (Naperville, IL), Otom (Chicago), Metro (Oklahoma City)

Quintessential Dish: The Perfect Egg: a rye crumb–encrusted soft-boiled egg with cured salmon, sprouted quinoa, braised cabbage and cumin yogurt

Where He's From: Shriver grew up in Yukon, Oklahoma.

How He Got into Cooking: "My mom always cooked, always made me and my brothers help…. I might not have been doing a lot, but it had a lot of influence on me—how food could be special, watching her cook and helping her. She'd do baked ham, chili and apple pie."

Grill Masters: On Saturdays, the pair serves their weekly changing house-made All-American hot dogs (one past concoction was a French Dip hot dog with smoky beef jus) and not-so-American stroopwafels for dessert. You can also buy packages of each week's franks to grill in your own backyard.