Chefs Tamalpais Star Roth-McCormick (who goes by Pai) and Mark Slawson make an astounding variety of things, ranging from upcycled flour-sack kitchen towels to chewy, crispy meringue-macaroon hybrids called Cloud Cookies. Their Portland, Oregon, business, Bunches & Bunches, took off after Roth-McCormick sent samples of those cookies to Dean & DeLuca, and the retailer immediately asked for more; today, she and Slawson also make phenomenal gingersnap cookies, which they ingeniously use to sweeten creamy carrot and apple soup. The couple’s friends nudged them to branch out from cookies after tasting Slawson’s moles (like the Puebla-style, smoky-sweet Red with pumpkin seeds, almonds, chocolate, chilaca chiles and raisins). “The research process for developing our moles was really fun,” Roth-McCormick says. “It was: Buy mole, make mole, go to Mexico to research mole, and eat mole.”