Bjorn Somlo

Restaurant: Nudel (Read a review)

Location: Lenox, MA

Why He's Amazing: Because he's serving terrific, sustainable food in a way that is simple and accessible, with all entrées at the same price.

Culinary School: Self-taught

background: John Andrews (/sites/default/files/outh Egremont, MA), Applewood (Brooklyn, NY)

Quintessential Dish: Rabbit "strudel" with prunes, Alsace mustard and petite kraut

How He Got into the Food Business: When he was 14, Somlo washed concession–stand food trays at a county fair in Chatham, New York. At 16, he was making pies at Baba Louie's, a pizza joint in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

DIY Design: Somlo and his father made the benches, bar and counters for Nudel themselves, from recycled church pews.

Working with What He Has: A farmer who supplies Solmo once brought him several 10-pound bulbs of surplus gigante kohlrabi, unrequested. The chef used the vegetable to make a riff on Caesar salad, adding purple potatoes, lentils and crushed potato chips to the classic creamy dressing.