Ari Weiswasser

Restaurant: Glen Ellen Star (Read a review)

Location: Glen Ellen, CA

Why He's Amazing: Because after years of cooking in vaunted, mainly big city kitchens, he's highlighting the simple beauty of garden- and pasture-grown food in a town of 784 people.

Culinary School: The Culinary Institute of America (Hyde Park)

background: The French Laundry (/sites/default/files/ountville, CA); Corton, Gilt, Daniel, Picholine (New York); Le Bec-Fin (Philadelphia)

Quintessential Dish: Wood-oven-roasted lamb meatballs with couscous, red charmoula and preserved lemon

Most Vivid Childhood Food Memory: Fried clams on the boardwalk in Atlantic City

Wine Connection: Weiswasser's wife is Erinn Benziger-Weiswasser, of Sonoma's Benziger wine family. "We have gardens in the middle of the winery," he says. "The goal is to source as much as possible from them." Another goal: to make Glen Ellen Star "a vegetable-driven restaurant."

Last-Meal Request: "A falafel with tahini from Mamoun's on Astor Place in New York City; octopus, red wine and bone marrow pizza from Marea; and David Chang's kimchi pork noodle soup…with a PBR, of course."