Alex Renshaw

Best New Mixologist

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Where He Won
Drumbar; Chicago

First Bartending Experience
I was working as a bar-back at Sable in Chicago during the day and going to improv comedy classes at night. But when I got opened up to the world of craft cocktails, it blew me away and I started skipping improv classes to cover bar shifts.

Guilty Pleasure Drink
If it’s alcoholic, an amaretto sour. It’s usually overly sweet, but it’s really delicious. If it’s nonalcoholic, I’d have to say pumpkin spice latte. I just can’t help it.

Best Cocktail Name
Honor Amongst Thieves. I stole the name from my girlfriend for a cocktail I made that was a riff of a cocktail I saw at another bar. I call it Honor Amongst Thieves because I’m guilty of taking the idea from someone else, but I still want to have some honor.

Favorite Bar
The NoMad Bar in New York City. I went to New York five times last year, and I went to the NoMad 10 times.

Go-To Drink
My go-to drink for myself is a Manhattan, but if I’m at someone else’s house, most times they don’t have vermouth laying around, so I’ll make a gimlet or a daiquiri. Usually everyone has a lemon and some sugar, so you can make a gimlet or a daiquiri and be pretty happy.

Best Bartending Trick
I can toss an ice cube behind my back and catch it in a glass to serve it. It almost always gets an eye roll from friends and customers.

Best Joke/Worst Joke
A neutron walks into a bar. “I’d like a beer,” he says. The bartender promptly serves up a beer. “How much will that be?” asks the neutron. “For you?” replies the bartender. “No charge.”

Why He Won
The veteran of Chicago’s excellent Sable Bar is passionate about his rotating list of seasonal cocktails and deep list of classics, but still has fun with concoctions like Just Cause, a mix of silver cachaça, cantaloupe, fennel and Prosecco.-->