Seafood Sauces

Some of our favorite sauces to pair with seafood (and to make from seafood) include red-pepper sauce, romesco, tomato-seafood sauce, salmoriglio and tartar sauce. Salmoriglio, a Sicilian classic, is perfect with all types of seafood—we especially love it on grilled shrimp and roasted salmon. Supersimple to prepare, it's made with sautéed garlic, shallots, capers, red-pepper flakes, lemon zest and fresh herbs to finish it off. Another favorite is clam sauce, which we like with spaghetti or linguine and lots of fresh clams. The sauce gets its great flavor from the clams' cooking broth, along with garlic, white wine and parsley. Find these recipes and more in our guide to seafood sauces.

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Green Cocktail Sauce
Food & Wine’s Justin Chapple puts a spin on traditional cocktail sauce, making it with tangy green tomatillos and cilantro, then bumping up the horseradish heat by including a dose of spicy green bottled hot sauce. It’s refreshing and spicy, and supremely tasty with shrimp and oysters. Slideshow: More Cocktail Sauce Recipes 
Cocktail Sauce Recipes
Cocktail sauce is a kind of chilled dipping sauce served alongside seafood cocktail, like shrimp. American cocktail sauce is typically made with ketchup, prepared horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco and lemon juice. You can swap the ketchup for tomato-based chili sauce if you want something a little spicier. Another type of cocktail sauce is Marie Rose sauce, made from ketchup and mayonnaise—but we like to put sophisticated spin on this ‘70s throwback with a little brandy and horseradish. Here, six riffs on cocktail sauce.
Celery-and-Cucumber Mignonette
This flavorful Champagne vinegar mignonette for fresh oysters on the half shell is from Seattle chef and oyster fanatic Renee Erickson.Slideshow: Oysters
The French condiment remoulade works deliciously on these crispy fish sandwiches, BLT hot dogs and more.
Blood Orange-Pine Nut Agrodolce Sauce
Chef Jennifer Jasinski combines sweet-tart blood-orange juice with pine nuts and garlic for a quick and delicious sauce that’s great on seared scallops as well as chicken thighs and roast pork. Slideshow:  Citrus Recipes