These Spicy Pickles Will Be The Most Versatile Condiment In Your Pantry

You're going to want this achaar at the front of your condiment shelf.

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Jar of Brooklyn Delhi Roasted Garlic Achaar
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For most of my childhood, trekking to our nearest Indian grocer was the only way to find achaars, a staple of many South Asian pantries. These preserves packed in oil and spices are tangy, spicy, savory, and taste good on just about anything. They land somewhere between the vibrancy of chili oil, a pickle, and the best vinegary hot sauce. Besides the grocer, the only other option was having a family member stow a jar of homemade pickles in their luggage when they came to visit, risking oil-stained suitcases in the process. Not anymore, though— Brooklyn-based Brooklyn Delhi has made achaar more accessible than ever.

Founded by Chitra Agrawal, Brooklyn Delhi makes everything from plant-based simmer sauces like Coconut Cashew Korma and Vegan Tikka Masala to stellar condiments like Curry Ketchup and Curry Mustard that we've raved about before. My favorite product from the mix is their Roasted Garlic Achaar, one of the first products from their original lineup.

The Roasted Garlic Achaar has a mellow, slightly sweet lemony garlic flavor, but is packed with pungent spices like mustard and fenugreek that give it kick and complexity. It's mildly spicy—a little bit of red chili powder is enough for some warming heat, but it's still balanced and not overwhelming. Incredibly versatile, the packaging on Brooklin Delhi jars encourages you to add it to everything from hummus or soups to hamburgers. It would also be great on fried rice, eggs, to spruce up ramen, to top comforting yogurt rice, or in a marinade. Achaars are traditionally preserves made to last a long time, but these jars aren't likely to stick around in your pantry for too long. I tried the garlic achaar with homemade khichdi and on top of pizza and it was fantastic on both. And the true test: My parents were fans too.

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