Chutney is a popular British condiment for everything from cheese to roasts.

Instead of buying a jar, try these five easy DIY recipes including tangy cranberry-quince chutney and a sweet-spicy Caribbean-inspired version.

1. Bacon, Fennel and Apple Chutney

Try this sweet-and-smoky recipe with crackers, spread on a grilled cheddar sandwich or served with roasted pork.

Bacon, Fennel and Apple Chutney

2. Cranberry-Quince Chutney

Chef Shawn McClains combines tart cranberries and quince with apples, raisins and sugar, as well as cider vinegar and spices for a tangy chutney.


3. Puddletown Pub Chutney

Made from slow-simmered apples, sweet onions and stout beer, this sweet-savory chutney is stellar with sharp cheddar and charcuterie.


4. Tropical Fruit Chutney

Chef Bradford Thompson created this chutney to balance some of the fiery Jamaican dishes he likes to cook at home.

Tropical Fruit Chutney
Credit: © John Kernick

5. Cheater's Chutney

Curry powder adds terrific spice to this apricot-based chutney.