Make the most of summer fruit by turning it into jam.


Make the most of summer fruit by turning it into jam. Here are 11 excellent recipes.

1. Strawberry-Vinegar Jam
Red wine vinegar gives F&W chef in residence Andrew Zimmern's jam its fantastic tartness.

2. Blue-Barb Jam
Fresh blueberries paired with rhubarb make an amazing sweet-tart jam.

3. Mango Jam
Ice cream maven Jeni Britton Bauer serves this simple mango jam with ice cream, but it's also great with cake or yogurt.

4. Plum Jam
Plums, sugar and lemon are all you need for this terrific summer jam.

5. Spiced Tomato Jam
This tangy marmalade made with juicy heirloom tomatoes is excellent with pork chops or as a garnish for goat cheese.

7. Triple Ginger Nectarine Jam
Dried, candied and fresh ginger do triple duty in this fantastic jam.

8. No-Cook Strawberry Jam
F&W's Justin Chapple makes this incredible, gingery strawberry jam with instant pectin.

9. Peach Jam
Put an abundance of summer peaches to good use with this delicious recipe.

10. Kiwi Jam
This simple, healthy jam features sweet kiwi.

11. Apricot Jam
Leave the skin on the apricots for this awesome jam.