On today of all days, we urge you to put down the Tabasco bottle. It's National Hot Sauce Day, so why not try making your own?
Jamaican Hot Sauce
Credit: © Ian Knauer

Homemade hot sauces taste more vibrant than store-bought, plus they take hardly any time to make. From spicy Louisiana-style hot sauce to a Caribbean-inspired version, here are five stellar hot sauces to make in celebration of National Hot Sauce Day.

1. Louisiana Hot Sauce


This Cajun-inspired hot sauce features fresh hot red chilies like Tabasco, Cayenne or Serrano.

2. Mozambique Hot Sauce

Mozambique Hot Sauce
Credit: © Chris Chen

Small Thai bird chilies star in this blazingly hot sauce.

3. Yemeni Hot Sauce

Yemeni Hot Sauce

This jalapeño-cilantro hot sauce can range from mild to spicy depending on how hot the chiles are.

4. Mustardy Habanero Hot Sauce

Mustardy Habanero Hot Sauce
Credit: © Petrina Tinslay

Yellow mustard and a touch of allspice give this fiery sauce a distinctive, complex flavor.

5. Jamaican Hot Sauce

Jamaican Hot Sauce
Credit: © Ian Knauer

Try this Caribbean-inspired hot sauce with Jamaican patties.