Hot Sauce

Some people can't live without a bottle of hot sauce by their side—and we get that. While you may have a loyalty to your favorite brand, consider whipping up your own sauce at home. These easy-to-make hot sauces punch up the flavor in everything from scrambled eggs to hamburgers. Food & Wine's guide helps you to control the heat level to fit your tastes and to explore hot-sauce variations from around the world.

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Omar Apollo Has Got the (Hot) Sauce
With the release of his debut album Apolonio and the launch of his Disha Hot sauce, the singer is serving bold love anthems and condiments alike.
Hot Sauce Marketing Is So Aggro, But the Community Behind It Is Surprisingly Sweet
Devils, bombs, and warnings of butt pain are all over the labels, but the people who love the hottest condiments just want to take care of the makers and farmers behind them.
Hot Sauce Recipes
Give your dishes a kick of flavor by addinging hot sauce. Here, our favorite recipes including Yemeni hot sauce, Jamaican hot sauce, apricot-chile hot sauce and many more. We've also got recipes for dry-aged roast beef, steak fajitas, broccoli with hot sauce and a spicy hummus.
Madhur Jaffrey's Caribbean Seasoning Sauce
The legendary cookbook author, food writer, and actress says to try spreading this herb-filled sauce thickly on such fish fillets as salmon or sea bass and letting them marinate for 30 minutes before grilling.