Dessert Sauces

Embellishing your dessert with a sweet sauce is an easy way to punch up flavor, color and moisture. We love berry sauces, decadent chocolate syrups and buttery caramel poured on everything from homemade doughnuts to sliced pound cake. Try chocolate sauce with poached pears, ginger ice cream or salted-caramel cream puffs, or serve a classic crème anglaise with chocolate soufflés or almond cake. Whether you're looking for a decadent condiment or need a little dessert inspiration, our guide to sweet sauces has everything you need. Find these recipes and more at Food & Wine.

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Banana-Caramel Sauce
This super-fast sauce comes together in just minutes and makes a next-level topping for Lena Sareini's Brown-Butter Banana Bread. Chunks of sweet, ripe banana get pureed into the cooked caramel, yielding a thick, rich sauce that amplifies the rich flavor of the banana bread.
F&W Taste Test: Best Caramel Sauces
What's better than buttery, creamy, gooey caramel? Nothing, that's what. Here are six that get the test kitchen seal of approval.