Without mayo, there would be no deviled eggs, club sandwiches or classic potato salad anymore. But really good mayonnaise can't be bought in a jar at the grocery store; it's made from scratch at home. Plus, it's supersimple to whip together and only requires a handful of ingredients. Find a more traditional recipe from Food & Wine's guide or try some of our variations that include Sriracha, curry powder, citrus juices or smoked herbs.

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Kimchi Special Sauce
Squeeze this kimchi special sauce on top of burgers and hot dogs, or slather it on grilled steak, ribs and wings. We're also convinced that it's the best dip for french fries and crudités, so go ahead and make a double batch. Slideshow: More Barbecue Sauce Recipes 
Curry Aioli
This supersimple Jamaican-style curry aioli is fantastic with salt cod fritters, but it would also be delicious with any seafood dish. Slideshow: Party Dip Recipes 
7 Epic Homemade Mayo Recipes
Take your egg salad from great to epic by making it with an awesome homemade mayonnaise. Here are seven epic recipes to get you started: 
A Chef's Incredible 4-Ingredient Secret Sauce
Chef Jose Mendin misses Puerto Rican food—he can’t find any in Miami that tastes like home to him—so he makes his own, like the killer condiment mayo-ketchup. You will want to slather it on everything.
Lemon-Caper Aioli
Capers, tarragon and lemon juice add fantastic flavor to mayonnaise in this quick take on a classic French aioli. Slideshow: Incredible Homemade Condiments