Cream Sauce

Adding a flavorful cream sauce to a dish is an easy way to transform it into a decadent and filling meal. At one of chef Ashley Christensen's restaurants, Poole's Diner in Raleigh, North Carolina, she simmers seasonal vegetables in a sherry-cream sauce inspired by the creamed tuna and peas on toast that her mom used to make. "The rich sauce made us feel we were being fed like kings, but secretly from the peasant's pantry," she says. Cream sauces work with everything from vegetables to a bowl of simple pasta. Use Food & Wine's guide to get dozens of ideas for your next sauce.

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Homemade Crema
Slideshow: More Crema RecipesReprinted from ¡Buenos Nachos! by Gina Hamadey. Copyright © 2016 by W&P Design. Published by Dovetail (
Ranch Recipes
This savory favorite works great in popcorn, salads and sandwiches—kick it up a notch with Sriracha-Ranch Foam, or stay cool and creamy with F&W's take on a classic ranch dip.
Panna Cotta with Berry Granita and Caramel
This voluptuous panna cotta is delightful enough to eat on its own. But New York City chefs Jeremiah Stone and Fabián von Hauske take the custard to new heights by topping it with superfresh strawberry granita, silky golden caramel and crunchy bits of milk cookies. Slideshow:  More Panna Cotta Recipes 
Chocolate-Tahini Fudge
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Spoke Wine Bar in Somerville, Massachusetts, serves fantastic food in addition to great wine and awesome cocktails. At the end of the meal, they pass around tiny squares of this luscious chocolate-and-sesame fudge. Slideshow:  More Fudge Recipes 
Whether served alongside falafel tacos or a spicy black bean soup, a touch of crema (mexican sour cream) goes a long way.
Roasted Garlic and Sumac Tzatziki
The Sussmans amp up the flavor of this classic Greek yogurt and cucumber dip and sauce by adding roasted fresh garlic as well as garlic powder. The secret to the luscious tang of their tzatziki is not the yogurt base, but sumac, a tangy traditional Middle Eastern spice. Slideshow:  More Middle Eastern Recipes 

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Vanilla-Almond Ice Cream with Cherries and Pistachios
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F&W’s Justin Chapple doesn’t use an ice cream maker for this sweet and creamy custard-based ice cream. Slideshow:  More Ice Cream Recipes 
Caramelized Kimchi Baba Ghanoush
This caramelized kimchi baba ghanoush is the perfect dip for crudité and crackers, or serves as a wonderful spread on sandwiches and crostini. Slideshow:  More Party Dips Recipes 
7 Epic Homemade Mayo Recipes

Take your egg salad from great to epic by making it with an awesome homemade mayonnaise. Here are seven epic recipes to get you started: