BBQ Sauce

Since barbecue sauces vary greatly from region to region, there are lots of options to slather onto your next smoked pork shoulder. While some swear by the vinegary versions in North Carolina, others might be partial to Kansas City's sweet and thick tomato-based sauces. No matter your preference, Food & Wine's guide has a recipe that fits. So instead of just grabbing a bottle of barbecue sauce during your next grocery trip, master the skills and techniques to make your next batch of sauce at home.

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AubSauce Is the Condiment I'm Pouring On Everything This Summer
A strawberry, balsamic, & rosemary sauce that's similar to a barbecue sauce but so much more, AubSauce will change your summer grilling game.
Burnt Honey Barbecue Sauce
You’ll never buy barbecue sauce again after you stir up this sophisticated twist. All the classic smoky characters show up the party—tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, apple cider vinegar, and chili powder—but they get a tasty transformation courtesy of the just-burnt honey. Save your special farmers market honey for something else; honey from the classic plastic bear is perfectly fine for this recipe. Simmered until deep amber, it adds a rich caramel roundness to this spicy and vinegary sauce. Toss it with pulled pork or shredded chicken, or spoon it on your favorite burger for a summery upgrade.
The 6 Best Barbecue Sauces to Make at Home
No barbecue is complete without a killer sauce. Skip the store-bought stuff and upgrade to something homemade. Here, our favorite DIY barbecue sauces to make at home.