Think of condiments and you probably jump to the classics: ketchup, mustard and mayo. But the world of condiments reaches much further than what you typically put on a hot dog. Consider options like sambal oelek, a tangy, coarse chile sauce; neonata, an Italian spread made from infant fish; ssämjang, a spicy Korean paste; or ajvar, a garlicky Serbian red pepper relish. The culinary world has come up with many ways to instantly add heat, tanginess, sweetness and more to any food. F&W's guide to condiments takes you on a global taste journey with recipes from every corner of the world—and an ever-expanding list of new favorites.

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Rhubarb-and-Currant Mostarda

This tart star of the cheese and charcuterie boards at Louis M. Martini, this slightly sweet mostarda gets plenty of gentle heat and acid from dry mustard, mustard seeds, and red wine vinegar. Dried black currants plump up as they absorb the liquid, providing a juicy bite. Serve leftovers with roast duck, chicken, or turkey.
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Toasting the dried chiles before boiling them revives their flavor and helps extract even more of it into the final adobo. When boiling the chiles, pile the onion pieces on top to keep the chiles submerged. This adobo is also part of Claudette Zepeda's Birria Tacos recipe.
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Lemon Aioli

The ideal balance of creamy and tart, this quick lemon-and-garlic-spiked aioli rounds out savory paella.
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Shiitake Dashi

A gentle steep is the best way to coax the sweet umami–without any bitter notes–from the kombu and shiitakes in this all-purpose dashi.
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Mirin-Soy Sauce

Sometimes called eel sauce or unagi sauce, this mirin-soy sauce is sweet, salty, and easy to make at home. Reducing just three ingredients together over low heat until they reach a syrupy consistency creates this drizzle-ready sauce that keeps for weeks.
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Ginger-Scallion Sauce

Pulsing fresh ginger and scallions in a food processor breaks them down into a fine mince, which allows them to gently cook in the hot peanut oil, mellowing their flavor without burning.
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Is Plant-Based Milk the New Margarine?

Over a century ago, the butter industry tried to drive margarine makers out of business. Looks like history is repeating itself.
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