Think of condiments and you probably jump to the classics: ketchup, mustard and mayo. But the world of condiments reaches much further than what you typically put on a hot dog. Consider options like sambal oelek, a tangy, coarse chile sauce; neonata, an Italian spread made from infant fish; ssämjang, a spicy Korean paste; or ajvar, a garlicky Serbian red pepper relish. The culinary world has come up with many ways to instantly add heat, tanginess, sweetness and more to any food. F&W's guide to condiments takes you on a global taste journey with recipes from every corner of the world—and an ever-expanding list of new favorites.

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Kale-Basil Pesto

This fall-forward pesto bolsters traditional basil with lacinato kale for extra heartiness. Winemaker Clare Carver recommends choosing a mild, smooth extra-virgin olive oil here for a buttery richness that complements the toasted walnuts and balances the fresh garlic. Try this pesto with your favorite pasta, or serve it as an appetizer as Carver did at her Harvest Feast at Big Table Farm, on toasted baguette slices.

Oleo Saccharum

This vibrant and sweet lemon oil–based syrup comes together overnight and brightens any cocktail, punch, or iced tea.

Herb Butter for Croissant Dough

Infused with parsley, thyme, sage, and rosemary, this herbed butter adds next-level flavor to a Braided Croissant Loaf and other pastriess made with All-Butter Croissant Dough. The microwave is the best shortcut for drying fresh herbs. Its quick bursts of high heat dry the herbs (with paper towels to absorb the moisture), resulting in fresher tasting, crisp herbs in minutes.

To Love, Honor, and Share Fridge Space

Samantha Irby wants to know, "Why didn’t the person at the county clerk’s office warn me that my bride-to-be and I needed to have similar views on condiment storage before we signed our names on the certificate?"

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Canned Tomato Passata

With a thick, rich consistency and only a bit of salt and basil to season, tomato passata brings a concentrated, fresh tomato flavor as the base of soups, stews, and spreads. The citric acid is necessary here for food safety; since tomatoes vary in acidity, the citric acid helps decrease the pH and ensures the passata is safe to can using the water bath method.

Alabama-Style White Barbecue Sauce Dressing

Inspired by Alabama’s claim to saucy fame, this easy mayonnaise-based dressing comes together in just minutes. Apple cider vinegar gives this dressing a nice bite, while garlic and onion powders lend flavor that’s reminiscent of classic ranch, but with a tangy twist.