Think of condiments and you probably jump to the classics: ketchup, mustard and mayo. But the world of condiments reaches much further than what you typically put on a hot dog. Consider options like sambal oelek, a tangy, coarse chile sauce; neonata, an Italian spread made from infant fish; ssämjang, a spicy Korean paste; or ajvar, a garlicky Serbian red pepper relish. The culinary world has come up with many ways to instantly add heat, tanginess, sweetness and more to any food. F&W's guide to condiments takes you on a global taste journey with recipes from every corner of the world—and an ever-expanding list of new favorites.

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Peruvian-Style Green Sauce

This iconic creamy sauce gets its robust, luscious flavor from fresh chiles, lime, scallions, and plenty of cilantro. A hit of fresh mint might not be classic, but it brightens the flavor even more. It’s traditionally served alongside rotisserie or slow-roasted chicken, but it’s equally delicious with grilled chicken, fish, or steak. Any leftovers make a terrific dip for crudité or topping for roasted vegetables like potatoes; or thin it out with lemon juice and olive oil for a creamy salad dressing.
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Koji-Cola All-Purpose Marinade

Koji rice teams up with cane sugar–rich Mexican Coca Cola to tenderize the meat of your choice while grilling up nice and crispy; find koji rice online or at Asian markets.
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Tamarind-Citrus Syrup

This syrup is tart, sweet, and makes a great addition to cocktails, punches, or lemonade. Or, try some whisked into barbecue sauce or glaze.
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Lemon-Garlic Tahini Sauce

Warm water helps loosen the texture of thick and creamy tahini, resulting in a smooth sauce that’s perfect for drizzling.
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Mango-Habanero Aioli

Habanero chiles add their signature floral heat to this sweet and tangy mango aioli, which isn’t alarmingly hot thanks to plenty of citrus and and a touch of sugar.
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Tamarind Chutney

Soaking dried dates in boiling water softens them so they blend easily, lending their signature caramel-like sweetness to this tart chutney. 
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Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce

Onwuachi’s family recipe for pepper sauce highlights the sweet, floral notes of Scotch bonnet peppers with an upfront heat that doesn’t linger, but lets the other flavors shine. Try leftovers on eggs, grilled fish, or in a creamy cabbage slaw.
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Toasting the dried chiles before boiling them revives their flavor and helps extract even more of it into the final adobo. When boiling the chiles, pile the onion pieces on top to keep the chiles submerged. This adobo is also part of Claudette Zepeda's Birria Tacos recipe.