Think of condiments and you probably jump to the classics: ketchup, mustard and mayo. But the world of condiments reaches much further than what you typically put on a hot dog. Consider options like sambal oelek, a tangy, coarse chile sauce; neonata, an Italian spread made from infant fish; ssämjang, a spicy Korean paste; or ajvar, a garlicky Serbian red pepper relish. The culinary world has come up with many ways to instantly add heat, tanginess, sweetness and more to any food. F&W's guide to condiments takes you on a global taste journey with recipes from every corner of the world—and an ever-expanding list of new favorites.

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Premium Cannabutter

Making cannabutter is a time-honored way of infusing cannabis into food, since so many recipes include butter as an ingredient. But not all cannabutters are created equal. Before cannabis can be used in a recipe, it must be “activated” or, in a technical sense, decarboxylated, to maximize its benefits. Traditionally, decarbing meant heating the buds at a low temperature for two to three hours in the oven. But this method can destroy flavor and lead to bitterness. But thankfully, there’s a better (and more delicious) way. Decarbing using the sous-vide technique eliminates the uneven and often harsh heat of the old-school method and preserves the fragrant, floral compounds in cannabis known as terpenes. Since you’ll really be able to taste the unique qualities of your cannabis when using this method, choose a strain with characteristics that complement or contrast with your recipes. Like wine, the flavors you can find in cannabis are wide-ranging, from sweet and earthy to citrusy and berry-like. Here's how to make this cannabutter step by step. Recipes for Cannabis-Infused Jam-Stuffed Brioche French Toast, Buttered Pasta with Clams and Green Chiles, or Citrus-Caramel Blondies are great places to start cooking with it. Kitchen Toke is the first media company dedicated to teaching people about culinary cannabis for health and wellness. The website and magazine cover cooking and entertaining seasonally with cannabis, along with chefs and other experts teaching how to use the plant as part of a regular health and wellness regimen.
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Blackberry-Piloncillo Syrup

Infused with warm spices and the sweet-bitter notes of Mexican cane sugar, this sweet and tart syrup is a vibrant way to upgrade any plate of pancakes.
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Hot Pot Dipping Sauce

Using pasteurized eggs makes this dipping sauce safe to eat raw and thickens the sauce to a luxurious consistency. This dipping sauce is perfect for our Steak-and-Shrimp Hot Pot recipe.
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Seafood Stock

This shrimp-based seafood stock adds body, richness, and sweet flavor to soups, stews, and braises. The plum tomatoes and shrimp shells give the stock an orange hue and a balance of sweetness and acidity.
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Red Wine Gravy

Fortifying store-bought broth with turkey necks results in lip-sticking stock while the tannins in the wine combine with the proteins in the stock to remove the acidity and leave you with earthy, jammy fruit flavors.