What to Cook When It's Insanely Cold Outside

Unless you're fortunate enough to be in sunny Hawaii, you're probably staying bundled up indoors as the temperatures plummet.

Hot and Sour Soup with Ramen
Photo: Molly Yeh

Get extra cozy by cooking up something amazing in the kitchen. From cumin and cayenne-spiked chili to ultra-cheesy chicken pot pie, here are eleven comforting foods to warm you up when it's freezing outside.

1. Cumin Chili


Amp up the heat on this cold-weather chili with as much cayenne as you like.

2. Hot and Sour Soup with Ramen

Hot and Sour Soup with Ramen
© Molly Yeh

Upgrade the traditional Chinese soup with soft, chewy ramen noodles.

3. Macaroni and Cheese with Buttery Crumbs

How to Make Macaroni and Cheese: Serve
Photo © Matthew Armendariz - mattbites.com

Small chunks of cheddar and Colby cheese throughout give this classic dish a fabulous gooey texture.

4. Fire-Roasted Tomato Bisque

Fire-Roasted Tomato Bisque

Store-bought chicken broth and canned tomatoes make quick work of this creamy soup.

5. Slow Cooker Glazed Pork Ribs with White Beans

Slow Cooker Glazed Pork Ribs with White Beans
© Fredrika Stjärne

Serve this hearty eastern European short rib stew in deep bowls over buttery noodles.

6. Cheesy Chicken Pot Pie

Cheesy Chicken Pot Pie
© Scott Hocker

This warming pot pie is terrific with either Monterey Jack or cheddar cheese.

7. Beef Stew in Red Wine

Beef Stew in Red Wine Sauce

Master chef Jacques Pépin uses flatiron steak for his deliciously rich stew.

8. Classic Cheese Fondue

Classic Cheese Fondue
© Rob Howard

This luxurious fondue features two types of Swiss cheese (Emmentaler and Gruyère) and two kinds of spirits (white wine and Kirsch).

9. Chicken and Spaghetti Casserole


Baked spaghetti is a favorite. In this recipe, the noodles tangle around chicken and soak up the creamy sauce.

10. Ricotta Gnocchi Gratin

Ricotta Gnocchi Gratin
© John Kernick

Chef Geoffrey Zakarian uses a stand mixer to make his perfectly fluffy gnocchi.

11. Rich Baked Chocolate Puddings

Rich Baked Chocolate Puddings
© John Kernick

Although this deep, dark chocolate pudding is easily made in ramekins, it’s fun to bake and serve in small glass jars.

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