Stuffed Foods

We should all thank the first creative genius who decided to stuff one food inside another, making one meal twice as delicious. Stuffed-food amateurs can start off easy with a classic: cheese. It can go inside practically anything to add extra flavor to a boring meal. To put your skills to the test, try chicken cordon bleu—chicken breasts stuffed with ham and cheese. And if you're ready to move on to expert level, go straight for the turducken—a deboned chicken stuffed inside a deboned duck stuffed inside a deboned turkey. F&W's recipe ideas include everything from basic stuffed mushrooms to more outrageous ideas like halvah-stuffed challah.

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Croquettes can be made with a variety of different foods (think potatoes and mozzarella, tuna or chicken). Our favorites? Browse through these recipes and find out.


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Burrito Recipes

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Easy Enchilada Recipes

Whether you like chicken enchiladas or beef, there are so many ways to enjoy enchiladas morning, noon, and night! Here, we selected the best enchilada recipes for you to choose from.

Latin American

These amazing recipes include fried sweet plantains, yucca empanadas, and a grapefruit granité with mangoes.

Fish Tacos

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More Stuffed Foods

Stuffed Grape Leaves with Pork and Fregola

David Page and Barbara Shinn of Shinn Estate Vineyards on the North Fork of Long Island trim tender young grape leaves and brine them at home. Page often stuffs the brined leaves with sausage made from locally raised duck, calling the hors d'oeuvres "a NoFo classic." Here, he creates a version with ground pork and fregola, a small, round Sardinian couscous. More Hors D'oeuvres