My husband thinks I'm certifiable. He took the kids to the Mets game (third straight loss to Philly, but hey, they're still up 1 1/2 games) for the afternoon, giving me some much needed alone time, and what did I choose to do? Yeah, I cooked. Three big stews, to be exact—nine meals to be portioned, packaged and frozen for our insanely busy weeknights to come. I did one beef stew—a goulash—and two pork stews—a West African curry and a Riesling-braised stew.

Cooking in bulk like that was actually not all that hard. I found all the common ingredients-onion, garlic, carrots, herbs and stock-and tripled them. Then I browned all the meat at once and simply divided up the ingredients. Everything was bubbling away at roughly the same time for roughly the same amount of time. All that was required after that was enough fridge space to let everything cool down before dividing it up into containers.

Stay tuned for the recipes—I may have cooked them in 85-degree weather, but we won't eat them until it's closer to 50 degrees.