By Grace Parisi
Updated May 23, 2017
Campfire Feijoada / © Tina Rupp

F&W's Grace Parisi smartly substitutes dried jerky for traditional but harder-to-come-by carne seca in this Brazilian stew.

Food & Wine's senior recipe developer, Grace Parisi, is a Test Kitchen superstar. In this series, she shares some of her favorite recipes to make right now.

Whenever I made feijoada, which was pretty often, having lived with a perpetually homesick Brazilian au pair for two years, I would rack my brain for a source of dried beef, or carne seca. After getting my husband a membership to the Jerky of the Month Club for Father's Day, it dawned on me that jerky was a perfectly acceptable alternative. This easy version is one I make when we're out camping, because everything is either dried or vacuum-sealed, needing no refrigeration. A perk: Using jerky that is highly seasoned requires even fewer ingredients. Between the andouille and beans, there's no need to add salt either. SEE RECIPE »