Savory Pies

When you think of pie, you might picture a dessert overflowing with fruit, sugary nuts or chocolate, but flaky, buttery pie crust also pairs extremely well with savory ingredients. Pies are a great way to make a one-dish dinner that can feed a crowd. From a classic chicken pot pie to a mouth-watering quiche, there's no limit to the fillings that you can put inside a crust. Use Food & Wine's guide to help spark your creativity the next time you need an amazing meal idea.

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Erbazzone Reggiano (Emilian Spinach and Cheese Pie)

Flavorful and filling with a light, almost cracker-like crust, this rustic spinach pie relies on simple ingredients for an impressive finish. Because the spinach gently steams within the crust, it retains its fresh, verdant flavor even after cooking.

Ratatouille Slab Pie

A crisp and sturdy crust transforms the French classic into a grab-and-go hero. Preheating the baking stone is essential to this recipe; it ensures the bottom of this slab pie is crispy and retains its texture for several hours after baking. A beautiful lattice top encases vibrant summer squash, eggplant, tomatoes, and fresh herbs in this vegetarian showstopper. Precooking the vegetables releases their excess moisture and deeply concentrates their flavor.

Potato, Bacon, and Cheddar Tart

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It’s crucial to use thinly sliced bacon here, (not thick-cut) to achieve an evenly crisp crust. Seek out new crop potatoes for this recipe; they cook more evenly than potatoes that have been in storage. Save the bacon drippings for toast, basting roasted chicken, or for making cornbread.

Wild Mushroom Galette

This galette’s flaky crust stays crisp even when filled with creamy ricotta; be sure to use best-quality cheese, and drain it overnight for superior results. Roasting the mushrooms reduces excess moisture and concentrates their meaty flavor, which pairs perfectly with the fresh thyme, rosemary, and sage.

Apple-Ham Quiche

Thin apple and ham slices are rolled together and set in a tender, herby custard sprinkled with sharp white cheddar. For a quicker weeknight dinner, use a frozen 9-inch deep-dish pie shell, blind baked according to package instructions.

More Savory Pies

Roasted Curry Tomato Pie

Turmeric gives the rustic crust of this tomato pie a glorious golden glow, but the real star (other than the ripe summer tomatoes) are the sweet and tangy tamarind onions, which complement the spiced, cheesy filling beautifully.

Quiche Lorraine

With a tender, flaky, and lightly sweet crust, and a rich, creamy filling packed with smoky bacon, this Quiche Lorraine is perfect for brunch, served warm or at room temperature. Chef Ludo Lefebvre uses a clever layer of shredded cheese to seal the bottom crust before adding the egg custard filling, preventing a soggy bottom. Feel free to swap out the cheddar for gruyere for a nutty, salty flavor.

Fall Chicken Potpie

When choosing the vegetables for her potpie, chef Julia Sullivan of Henrietta Red in Nashville lets the season be her guide. In this fall version she uses mushrooms, leeks, Brussels sprouts and root vegetables, but peppery greens and fresh peas are great in the spring. She also makes a vegetarian version of this potpie for the holidays with vegetable broth and a blend of wild mushrooms and chestnuts. Slideshow: More Potpie Recipes