Rice Dishes

Rice is one of the most widely consumed foods across the globe. According to chef Dennis Lee, "How you make rice says a lot about a cook. There are actually a lot of variables." F&W's guide offers techniques for making the best rice, including when to rinse, how much water to use and what type of rice will be perfect for your dish. We also have recipes from many different countries, such as Southern rice and beans and Chinese one-pot stir-fry ideas, plus tips from all your favorite chefs.

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Waakye Is the Meanest Street Food Alive

Whether you savor it over banana leaves in a chop bar in Accra or at home in your own kitchen, waakye is an infinitely layered feast.

Plov Isn't Just a Rice Dish. It Contains Multitudes

Buttery, garlic-scented, fruit-studded plov is beloved across a range of Central Asian countries, in countless variations.

Skillet Chicken and Chorizo Paella

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While Spanish paella is traditionally made in its namesake pan, this cast-iron variation is a great alternative—and it can also go straight from stove to table. The recipe builds layers of flavors as you saute aromatics in the same pan you’ve used to sear the chorizo and chicken. From delicately floral saffron to smoky paprika and a bright lemony finish, this one-pan meal has it all.

Yin-Yang Tang Yuan (Sweet Sticky Rice Balls in Soup)

This soothing, sweet Chinese dessert soup of rice flour dough balls stuffed with black sesame seeds in a rock sugar–sweetened broth is typically served during reunions because the round rice balls symbolize harmony and togetherness. Lucky Chow producer Danielle Chang likes to make it as a sweet treat for her Lunar New Year celebration. To keep the dough moistened throughout the assembly process, cover it with a damp towel.

Risotto with Anchovy and Ginger

Marzapane restaurant in Rome flavors this buttery risotto with both salted anchovies and colatura, the deeply savory Italian version of fish sauce. As a surprisingly delicious contrast to the rich risotto, the chef garnishes the dish with candied ginger. Slideshow:  More Risotto Recipes 

Fennel Risotto

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Venice-based blogger Skye McAlpine doesn't add wine to this risotto; this keeps the fennel flavor pure and sweet. Swap a vegetable stock for the chicken broth if you're cooking for vegetarians. Slideshow:  More Risotto Recipes 

More Rice Dishes

Risotto-Style Penne with Tomatoes and Zucchini Blossoms

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Fabio Trabocchi, an F&W Best New Chef, likes this unusual method of cooking pasta in the style of risotto to create a rich, silky sauce. "It works beautifully with small shapes like penne," he says. A really good imported slow-dried pasta will be quite porous, which allows it to soak up liquid bit by bit, just as rice does in risotto; it also means the pasta will maintain its shape as it becomes al dente. Slideshow:  More Penne Recipes 


This mixed rice dish is a staple in Indian cuisine. Whether made with vegetables, chicken or lamb, these recipes all boast eclectic flavors.