Rice Dishes

Rice is one of the most widely consumed foods across the globe. According to chef Dennis Lee, “How you make rice says a lot about a cook. There are actually a lot of variables.” F&W’s guide offers techniques for making the best rice, including when to rinse, how much water to use and what type of rice will be perfect for your dish. We also have recipes from many different countries, such as Southern rice and beans and Chinese one-pot stir-fry ideas, plus tips from all your favorite chefs.

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This mixed rice dish is a staple in Indian cuisine. Whether made with vegetables, chicken or lamb, these recipes all boast eclectic flavors.

Building a Biryani

Once you’ve gathered all the ingredients, making biryani is straightforward and can be done in stages. You can marinate the lamb overnight and cook it in advance—the onions, too. You can prepare the raita a day ahead as well. Assemble the entire dish and pop it in the oven a half-hour or so before you plan to serve it.

5 Quick and Comforting Rice Dishes

Here, five comforting (and easy) rice dishes that are ready in 40 minutes or less.

Why Your Fried Rice Needs a Kimchi Boost

Packed with roasted pork, sweet Chinese sausage, spicy kimchi and sticky rice, this is an addictive and delicious rice dish by Andrew Zimmern.

5 Places to Find Next-Level Fried Rice

Chefs are transforming basic rice with out-there ingredients like green mango, monkfish liver and even crab brains.

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