Why You Should Order Sandwiches at the Brand New Pizza Spot Emmy Squared

The Detroit-style pizza at the just-opening Emmy Squared sounds delicious. But I have my eye on the sandwiches. 

Emmy Squared Pizza
Photo: © Emily Bolles

At Pizza Loves Emily in Brooklyn, you'll never be sorry if you order a pizza. (I'm always partial to the Colony, topped with pickled chiles, pepperoni and honey.) But their not-so-secret weapon is the monumental Emmy Burger, made with dry-aged beef, with spicy buttery chile sauce and cheddar cheese melting all over it, on a pretzel bun. For good reason, it's been called one of the best burgers in the city (shout out to the experts at Gotham Burger Social Club).

And so, Emmy Squared, the just-opening Detroit-style pizza place from chef Matt Hyland and his wife Emily, working with Lou Tomczak, has pizza front and center. At Emmy Squared, in Williamsburg, the focus is pizza that plays by the four major rules of the Detroit style: It should be baked in a pan and served in squares. It should have a crisp, almost fried cheesy crust. It should be airy in the middle and not too dense. And the sauce should be ladled on in stripes after baking. "That allows for the dough and cheese marriage to be extra beautiful," says Emily Hyland. "The sauce is like the cherry on top."

Of course that sounds outrageous. But, as with the outlier burger at Pizza Loves Emily, I have my eye on the sandwiches at Emmy Squared. Matt Hyland is a sandwich expert. (For his final at cooking school, his class was given chicken and told to make a spectacular dish. Everyone else made some version of a classic French chicken entree; Matt made the most perfect chicken cutlet sandwich.) He's serving just four sandwiches at Emmy Squared. The challenge is which one to eat first.

The Chicken Parm
Gochujang-and-buttermilk-brined chicken, fried with a crisp panko crust. With marinara sauce and provolone on a Tomcat pretzel bun.

The Meatball Parm
One big meatball burger with the same accoutrements as the chicken. "We hate when it's lots of little meatballs and they all fall out," says Matt.

The Spicy Chicken
The marinated panko-crusted cutlet, with sweet sambal, plus radishes, bok choy, cornichons and the house ranch dressing on that pretzel bun.

Their homage to the muffaletta, made with nice mortadella and pepperoni, with a green olive and banana pepper salad on a sesame bun that they're about to start making in house.

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