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Credit: © iStockphoto

Futuristic, Wi-Fi-connected Amazon Dash buttons allow Prime members to fulfill their dreams of shopping by simply pushing a button. Small problem, though: Amazon currently only offers these buttons on specific items like laundry detergent, razor blades and Kraft Mac & Cheese. It’s hard to get superexcited when all the future brings you is a bunch of Tide.

But one enterprising lad had a different idea: What if he could hack an Amazon Dash Button to make it deliver piping hot Domino’s Pizza? Turns out that with a little bit of research and some programming knowledge, creating a one-touch “Domino’s PizzaDash” button is totally possible—meaning repeating your pizza order at any time can be just a button press away.

To non-tech-savvy types, the whole thing might seem a bit complicated, but engineer Brody Berson pulled this experiment off no problem and believes other people could easily do it too. “I bet you can wire up a PizzaDash button like I did in about ten minutes with your own custom order,” he wrote on Medium. Thanks to the open-source world of the Internet, he got a lot of his code from others and put everything you need to re-create his hack up on GitHub.

The major Catch-22 is that if you don’t know much about programming, re-creating this project yourself is a lot of work for something that benefits the ridiculously lazy.