Credit: © Lara Hata / Getty Images

We all know pizza is junk food, right? It's one of the first things you'll cross off of your dinner options list when trying to eat healthier. But that's not what chef Pasquale Cozzolino of New York's Ribalta restaurant did. In fact, he made pizza a daily staple of his diet. The formerly 370 pound Naples native ate a whole pizza every day for lunch and, along with other dietary measures and exercise, has lost 94 pounds, according to the New York Post.

Of course we're not talking your average dollar slice or anything coming from one of those national delivery chains that seem to think we need breadsticks to go with our garlic-knot crusted pie. Cozzolino stuck strictly to Neapolitan pizza, which tends to be not only smaller in size but also utilizes fresh tomatoes, unprocessed mozzarella and a simple flour/yeast/water/salt dough that ferments overnight to break down some of those nasty sugary carbs. At about 550 calories, it's a reasonable mealtime option for a man of his size.

Cozzolino focused his eating habits on the Mediterranean diet, which includes lots of vegetables and lean proteins. And of course, a few kickboxing classes each week didn't hurt. So before your buddy ditches their personal trainer for Papa John, remind them that eating healthy starts with healthy ingredients. And skip delivery, you could probably use a walk to the pizzeria anyway.