By age 9, we had a mostly complete set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures—marred when our little brother made off with Raphael. Luckily, we managed to hold on to the pizza-throwing turtle assault vehicle. And now vintage us desperately wants to get on a flight to San Diego where a life-size version of the turtles' most ridiculous-yet-enjoyableweapon is rolling around Comic-Con.

Commissioned by Pizza Hut and built by Syyn Labs (who also constructed an insane Rube Goldberg device for OK Go), the masterpiece shoots fake pizzas (presumably because they are more aerodynamic and dangerous to the Foot Clan) out of a cannon and can drive up to 75 miles an hour. Yesterday Pizza Hut let a lucky fan fire the first shot from the pizza assault vehicle and put the video on Instagram.

Fans of the series are still worried that the forthcoming Michael Bay version of TMNT will disappoint, but a quick re-edit featuring this epic assault weapon would guarantee some positive reviews.