Pizza & Calzones

Just when we thought pizza couldn't get any more popular, Americans are consuming more pizza than they ever have before. According to reports, Americans eat pizza four times a month. If you’re one of those pizza lovers who eats this popular food at least once a week, then you’ve come to the right place. Food & Wine has the best homemade pizza and calzone recipes, plus expert lessons from pizza masters and lists of where to get the most delicious pizza around the country.

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Roman Pizza

This rectangular pie uses focaccia as the base for a simple topping of tomato sauce, melty straciatella cheese and basil leaves. It’s unusually crisp, because it’s drizzled with olive oil before baking
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One of the Best Pizzas in New York Is Hours From New York City

New York City gets all the pizza credit in the state, but up in the Hudson Valley an apple orchard is turning out pies that are worth the trip.
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More Pizza + Calzones

Buffalo Chicken Calzones

To make the most of rotisserie chicken, Food & Wine’s Justin Chapple tosses it with a buttery Buffalo sauce, then bakes it into a calzone with Monterey Jack cheese. To stay in keeping with traditional Buffalo wings, he serves the calzone with celery sticks and blue cheese. Slideshow: More Calzone Recipes
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Where to Get a Sunday Gravy Pizza in L.A.

Brentwood’s new “neo-Neapolitan” pizza restaurant is making eclectic pies with old-school techniques.