The dish in question
| Credit: © Kate Mathis

Most Chinese food connoisseurs know that there is a difference between “American” Chinese food and real Chinese food. Go to any Chinatown in America and you’ll likely find menus written only in Chinese for those who scoff at beef with broccoli. But there is one dish more than any other that has found its way onto the Americanized side of the menu, and that dish of course, is General Tso’s Chicken. Sweet, fried, sticky and orange-ish in color, the classic is as big a part of Chinese food in the U.S. as using a fortune cookie to predict your sexual prowess. But where did it come from? And who was General Tso? You will finally have answers to those questions at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival April 20, 21 and 24 via the documentary The Search for General Tso. If you aren’t going to be in New York this month, you can still check out the trailer and get ready to become a General Tso truther.